The “DOKTORSCHLÖSSL” [“Doctor’s Little Castle”], actually called “SCHLOSS RADAUN” [“Radaun Castle”] by its proper name, owes its name to the princely MEDICUS Dr. Franz Mayr, son-in-law of the Salzburg cathedral work master SANTINO SOLARI. However, when Mayr, the physician of the Prince-Archbishop WOLF DIETRICH VON RAITENAU, acquired it in 1670, the building already had a history of more than five hundred years. It was first mentioned in a document back in 1116 and was then the property of the monastery of NONNBERG and confirmed as “HOF ZU GLAS” by prince-bishop CONRAD I.

From 1568 on, the building was owned by a Martin Hofhaymer for six years; since the famous cathedral organist and composer PAUL HOFHAYMER did not have a son, Martin was probably a nephew.

The DOKTORSCHLÖSSL is located in the Salzburg district of AIGEN-GLAS. The simple three-story cubic building stands in a well-kept garden. Its high hipped roof and the four small hexagonal pointed towers (around 1880) on the building edges give the building the character of a castle. The ground floor is reinforced by oblique buttresses and the only façade decoration is a circumferential strip of plaster that separates ground floor and upper floor.

The five-story south-east façade which is in part designed as a short arcade whose three arches are supported by marble columns on the ground floor as well as on the first floor has a somewhat statelier appearance. Over the decades, the historic structure of the ground floor and the first floor with the still partially existing vaults was largely adapted to the design as a guest house.

The interior can only be visited as part of the guest house operation.